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Amazon PaperBacks: The BaseBook Series | 1 Love, Identity, Blessings | 2 Contentment, Joy, Comfort | 3 Trials, Anxieties, Assurances, Hope | 4 Fellowship, Families | 5 Business, Conduct, Giving | 6 Scriptures, Faith, Repentance | 7 Salvation, Calling | 8 Evangelism, Obedience | 9 Strength Bravery, War | The Healing Series | 1 Finding Gratitude | 2 Facing Challenges | 3 Finding Hope | The Calendar Series| 64 Days of Business | 77 Days of Mission|
What is the product?
1,274 passages and prayers derived from 637 of our
favorite Bible verses, to say and to pray, together, today.
These are split into 15 paperback books plus 3 eBooks all
available on Amazon.

Why Paperbacks and not eBooks?
Kindle referencing systems do not work properly for these
kinds of WE2 publications. But, the WE2 Calendar Series
are all available on Kindle.

What are the differences between each
WE2Book series?
The BaseBook Series is the original series, derived directly
from the original subject chapters.
The Calendar Series is comprised of various passages and
prayers to be read daily, hand-picked from the original
database, according to the topic title of the Book.
The Healing Series is designed to help hurting people
recover and to work through tragedy or loss with
personal-friends and client-friends!

Is WheneverTwo a Bible translation?
No. It is an original work of its own, re-written to capture the
same spiritual meanings as the Biblical passages but yet
fundamentally re-constituting the sentence structure of the
passages themselves, to say and to pray, together, today.

Why are some of the passage sentences so
This makes us share the reading around so that everybody
gets a turn.

Is WheneverTwo on Facebook and Twitter?
Yes. Please be patient. WheneverTwo is in a growing
stage. You might be the first person to join.

Who wrote WheneverTwo?
International contributions from a variety of denominations
including Baptist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Methodist
and the A.O.G. have each put in their fair share so
everybody gets what everybody wants. The main leader is
D. Johnson who worships with his family in Texas, USA.

Is WheneverTwo Copyright?
All passages, scripts, logos and the unique and
non-obvious compound words "WheneverTwo," "WeSay"
and "WePray" are all copyright protected.

What other WheneverTwo products are for sale?
Let's make sure everyone gets themselves acquainted with
the Amazon PaperBacks and eBooks first, before other
products are released. There are many coming.

Can we get a bulk discount?
As the current book publishers, unfortunately Amazon's
policy is that no bulk deals can be offered, other than
offering free postage costs when the consumer purchases
the equivalent value of about 4 WheneverTwo paperbacks
or more (subject to change)

Do we need to buy two book copies to use the
product between two people?
The book fonts are basically large enough for two people to
read from one book together. For more than two people, we
are going to need more books!

Why do the books contain three kinds of
tabulations for each declaration/prayer?
WheneverTwo found that some folk like the passages split
up so they can take turns reading out the passage parts.
Other folk like to read the passage out without stopping and
they don't appreciate it being split up.
Other folks again like the flow of a book layout, so they can
easily finish reading one passage and then move on to the
next passage without stopping to look out for bible
references and chapter names.

How do I search for WheneverTwo on Amazon?
Under "books" just type in "whenevertwo" (one word). They
all should come up.